Fleas: Pests of humans and their domestic animals worldwide. Fleas most often prefer a host non-human, but may readily feed on humans when numbers are high or there is no access to other hosts. Also cat and dog fleas are intermediate hosts of the internal parasite-dog tapeworm. Consult your veterinarian for products to prevent and control fleas on your pet, this is of the utmost importance, especially if the pet spends time outside. Nordstrom Pest can provide interior/exterior treatments of infested-areas. 

Appearance: Black in color and 1/12 to 1/6 inch long.

Evidence of: Presence on pet/resting areas, as well bites usually below waist-height on humans.

Control method: Interior crack and crevice, spot and broadcast treatment of infested areas. Nordstrom Pest can also treat the exterior perimeter/foundation of your property and recommends keeping your pet flea-free to avoid future-infestations, by consulting your veterinarian for flea-control products.

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