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Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants-excavate galleries in many structural and related building materials, thus compromising the integrity of a structure and diminishing its property value. Most often found nesting in the wood portion (sills, joists, beams etc.) of a structure and prefer moist or moisture-damaged wood that may have resulted from a recent or not-so recent roof-leak, pipe-leak or exterior siding coming in contact with the soil. They have also been found nesting in foam insulation panels, wall/ceiling voids and under attic insulation.

Appearance: Black or black/rusty red, 1/4 to 1/2" in length for workers (most commonly seen) and 3/4" for queens. Only reproductive’s (kings and queens) are-winged and shed them before choosing a nesting-site.

Evidence of: Sawdust piles (often containing pieces of the ants), crunching/crackling sounds, clean galleries in wood members and the ants themselves (commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms).

Control method: Treatment of exterior-foundation and other access points/nesting sites, a combination of interior bait-placements and crack and crevice treatments where the ants have been seen foraging and spot/void-treatments of the nest(s) if locatable. After initial-treatment an annual exterior perimeter foundation treatment is recommended.